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As you may remember, each May I participate in a Walk to raise money for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). I join the NAMI Walk NYC each year because I feel strongly that the research, treatment and approach to mental illness is one of the most critical and important issues of our time. Because of the stigma attached to diseases of the mind, many patients and their families suffer needlessly and do not get the full range of mental healthcare services they deserve.

If you are able to help, any amount you can contribute to the Walk this year will be very much appreciated.
Here is the link to donate:
If you are not able to help financially, no worries at all of course. If you could paste the link above to the social media, twitter, via email, Facebook, etc. to spread the word about NAMI and the wonderful work they do caring for and treating patients and their families, that would be terrific. On behalf of all of those affected by mental illness, many, many thanks for your support.
April 3, 2013
A quick shout-out and thanks to Director, Larry Floyd and the writer and cast of "Idiot Box Anonymous" - a very funny TV pilot that is currently in development (more details and credits to follow).  Stay tuned, everybody!  It's a terrific script and the universe may smile upon us all with this one. 
Many thanks to all participants!  More on this soon...
September 24, 2012

It's been an unbelievable month.

Here is the update in a nutshell:

  • I performed at Symphony Space in "An Unforgettable Summer" (thank you to the universe for this)
  • I heard Peter Gabriel in Concert at Jones Beach (WOW - DOUBLE thanks

     to the universe for this)


  • I had the amazing privilege of attending a ceremony at Queens College honoring Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, human rights activist in Burma, which included guests Angelica Huston, Carole King and City Councilwoman, Christine Quinn.

The last item above is the most important piece I wanted to share because everyone everywhere should hear the words of this remarkable hero for human rights.

If you have time and interest, you can listen to the youtube audio recording at the link below to hear

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

speak at Queens College:

Please continue the fight for human rights in your own life and around the world.

Go to

to help



August 3, 2012



Lots of exciting news on the acting front! See below info on two upcoming shows: "The Standard Upgrade" opening on August 19th @ Theater for the New City and "An Unforgettable Summer" opening on September 8th @ Symphony Space.

Here are all the details:


"The Standard Upgrade"

Details/Ticket Info:

The Standard Upgrade

Written by Angie Montgomery & Howard Leader

Directed by Pat Floyd

Stage Manager, Larry Floyd

Dream Up Festival

Theater for the New City

155 First Avenue @ East 9th Street

New York City

Subway Directions

Take any subway to Union Sq. stop

Take L train (toward Brooklyn) to First Avenue stop

Walk 5 blocks south to First Avenue & East 9th Street

Link to purchase tickets to

"The Standard Upgrade":

Sunday, August 19th @ 2:00PM

Monday, August 20th @ 6:30PM

Tuesday, August 21st @ 6:30PM

Thursday, August 24th @ 9:00PM

Friday, August 25th @ 8:00PM

I am very excited to be playing the role of "Beryl Bittman" in the comedy-drama "The Standard Upgrade" -- opening Sunday, August 19th (5 shows)



"An Unforgettable Summer"

Link to purchase tickets to "An Unforgettable Summer":

Details/Ticket Info:

"An Unforgettable Summer"

written and directed by Cynthia Waite


Maureen Swerdlow as Elsa

Holly Rhea as Ms. Lou

Cinda Lawrence as Amanda

Assistant Director:  Miles Norton

Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater @ Symphony Space

2537 Broadway @ West 95th Street

New York City

Subway Directions

#1, 2, 3 subway to West 96th St stop

Show Dates/Times (w/more to be added soon)

Saturday, September 8th @ 7:30 pm
Friday, September 14th @ 7:30 pm
Saturday, September 15th @ 7:30 pm

Ticket Info:
General Public: $38

Members & Seniors: $32;

Children: $28

I play the role of "Amanda", daughter of Elsa, a funny, vibrant and challenging older lady. This moving and funny play is about the struggles of working out family relationships, adapting to change and dealing with the memories of a past we cannot change. 


May 12, 2012



In other news, this year's NAMI NYC Walk on May 12th was a big success.  I exceeded my fundraising goal of $500 and raised $500. for mental illness research.  Over 5,000 walkers participated this year and it was an absolutely gorgeous day for a walk.  I cannot thank the supporters enough for their kindness and generosity.  (The Walk itself raised close to $500,000 this year!)


You can click the link to see some photos of this year's Walk:


Stay well out there everybody and stay tuned for more updates. Many thanks as always for your kind support.


March 13, 2012


As you may remember, each May I participate in a Walk to raise money for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI).   I join the NAMI Walk NYC  each year because I feel strongly that the research, treatment and approach to mental illness is one of the most critical and important issues of our time.  Because of the stigma attached to diseases of the mind, many patients and their families suffer needlessly and do not get the full range of mental healthcare services they deserve.

This year's NAMI Walk NYC is on Saturday, May 12th.  My goal this year is to raise $500.  If you are able to help, any amount you can contribute to the Walk this year will be very much appreciated.
Here is the link to donate: 
If you are not able to help financially, no worries at all of course.  If you could paste the link above to the social media, twitter, via email, Facebook, etc. to spread the word about NAMI and the wonderful work they do caring for and treating patients and their families,  that would be terrific.  On behalf of all of those affected by mental illness, many, many thanks for your support.


March 13, 2012



A tremendous THANK YOU to Playwrights/Directors Howard Leader & Angie Montgomery for the opportunity to participate in the New Haven Staged Reading of "The Standard Upgrade" on Saturday, March 3rd.  I had a blast with this cast (I love that rhyme)!  Everyone involved could not have been kinder or more professional.  Playing the role of "Beryl Bittman" is definitely one of the highlights of the year so far.  I look forward to the reading in April in New York City....stay tuned!


I am also deep into the rehearsal process of the wonderful play, "An Unforgettable Summer" written and directed by Cynthia Waite (opening in June).  I play the role of "Amanda" - daughter to an eccentric (and very funny) mom.  This play digs deep and gets to the heart of mother/daughter relationships and the profound and emotional journey that takes place as we age.  I'm bursting with excitement to take this to the stage! 


On a very serious note, if you are reading this please, please go to to take online action to pressure President Bashar al-Assad to stop the horrible massacre of the Syrian people.  The horror of the nightmare these people are enduring is on my mind every day.  Please tweet, text, email and post articles about Syria throughout the social media. Raise awareness and take action on the Syrian nightmare at every opportunity. The world must come together to stop this slaughter of innocent people.  Thank you for caring and more important, thank you for TAKING ACTION.  Sitting in one's living room feeling sympathy for the victims of oppression does nothing.  Awareness must be followed by meaningful action.


Finally, a note to honor the memory of Nobel Prize winner and UC Irvine chemist professor, Sherwood (Sherry) Rowland who passed away this week.  Sherry Rowland is the man responsible for the discovery in the 1970's that chlorofluorocarbons destroy the ozone layer. Without him none of us might know about global warming or how critical it is to live our lives in ways that will protect the ozone layer and our irreplaceable home...planet earth. Deep gratitude and respect for this remarkable scientist.  Rest in peace and thank you.  This article describes his legacy:

Stay well, stay grateful...and stay tuned...:)


February 8, 2012

Two pieces of CASTING NEWS!  The stars are aligned in my theatre world this week. First, I received the honor of being cast in the role of "Amanda" in the play "Unforgettable Summer" - written and directed by Cynthia Waite.  Rehearsals start this Sunday, with performances to begin late spring at the theater at Hunter College.  It is a terrific play about the ups and downs of a mother-daughter relationship. (I play the daughter Amanda :)  Very excited to get to work on this one. 

AND this past Sunday, I had the real privilege of reading the role of "Beryl" in a table reading of the play "The Standard Upgrade" written by Angie Montgomery and Howard Leader.  I look forward to performing the role again in a staged reading in New Haven on March 3rd with an invited audience and hopefully a stage production in the not-too-distant future.  The actors I read with were some of the best in the business (including my old friend Richard Brundage who I worked with on stage years ago.  I can tell you that Richard has not lost his touch - a terrific performer). What a wonderful role and play! 

There is nothing better than being cast in well-written plays by talented playwrights.  The writing is the key - this week I saw some top-notch writing.  VERY COOL.  Stay well out there everybody and check back for more updates.  Thanks a lot, everybody.

Stay well, stay grateful...and stay tuned...:)


February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day, everybody!  You know if you are signing a non-disclosure agreement, a possible stage role is ahead...(insert quiet "yay!" here).  Reading the role of "Beryl" in a table read of a new play "Standard Upgrade" with the folks from Eighty Twenty Productions. Very excited for this one!  Stay tuned...

Also...terrific interview with an agent through the AFTRA Open Door lottery yesterday.  If you're an AFTRA member, the "Open Door" lottery is a great resource for actors and the AFTRA staff and industry people who participate could not be nicer.  (Special thanks to Tanya, the monitor at AFTRA yesterday.  I told her that being an audition monitor is a thankless job and they are the first people I am going to thank if I ever win an Oscar - thank you to all the monitors out there.  You help keep things sane in a sometimes insane business...bless you)


December 20, 2011

EXCITING NEWS!!!!  In case you missed it on the home page, I recently got cast as "Head Nurse" in a splendid new play, "1952" at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre written and directed by the amazing Yekaterina (Katya) Minskova.  The show runs 3 nights in November (see home page for details and ticket information).  Wonderful cast and script - check it out if you're in the neighborhood!


Stay well out there and heartfelt thanks especially to all out there who are courageously fighting against injustice every day during these tough times. Most of the heroes of this world will remain anonymous, but the impact of your courage is eternal.  Thank you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

  • It is officially fall and life is very good on this end.  On the acting front, I am looking forward to reading in the Playwrights Lab on Monday, September 19th at the Pulse Ensemble Theatre. Any time I get to participate in a play reading, I am one happy camper!


  • Re: my work with Amnesty International/human rights:  if you happen to be reading this web page any time before Wednesday, September 21st, please go to the  link below and sign the petition to stop the execution of Troy Davis, who is scheduled to be put to death on Wednesday, 9/21.  

  • My local Amnesty International group has been working on Troy's case for years.  There is a very high possibility that if Troy is executed, it will be the killing of an innocent man.  The Georgia Parole Board will decide on Monday, September 19th whether to commute his death sentence.  Please take action to stop this heartbreaking injusticeThank you.


  • And of course, I always have a concert or two (or three) to tell you about: here is what is coming up in my little world:  John Hiatt at City Winery on 10/21; Bob Seger @ Madison Square Garden on 12/1; and Little Feat at City Winery on 1/2/2012.  WITH MUSIC LIKE THIS IN MY FUTURE, HOW CAN I EVER COMPLAIN?  I did not lie when I said that life is good...(make that "great")


  • Finally, while I continue to be personally blessed in my tiny world, it is the exact opposite in the lives of millions of others.  I watch the footage of the floods in Pakistan, the starvation in Somalia, the 14 million unemployed in America, a 33% rise in foreclosures in August, 1 in 6 Americans living in poverty, paralyzed and self-serving leaders, endless wars, the tragic economic decline in Greece and many other countries of Europe - and on and on and on - and I wonder what will become of this planet and all who live on it. 


  • I was reminded this week of Gandalf's quote from the Lord of the Rings when Frodo tells Gandalf that he wished that none of the terrible events had happened:

Gandalf says to him:

"So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

My prayer for the days ahead is that each of us will decide wisely.  This is my hope for everyone out there who is very scared right now.  I am scared too.  Somehow, though, my heart continues to tell me every day that giving up is not an option. 


Monday, July 11, 2011

  • Sending out major kudos and thanks today to the cast, crew and director (Wendy Cheng) of the upcoming short, "Region of Unlikeness".  I shot a couple of late night scenes over the weekend and had a blast!   These folks are truly some of the kindest and most professional people I have worked with in the business.  I play the Mother of a 10-year old girl in matching dresses - a really fun and interesting shoot.  Thanks so much to all involved.  Can't wait to see the film!


  • Lighting a candle this week in memory of the courageous and inspiring former First Lady, Betty Ford, who passed away over the weekend at age 93.  A hero to women everywhere and a person who truly made a difference in the lives of those stricken with addiction, she is a person I will never forget.  Rest in peace and thank you.


  • On the subject of supporting top-quality theatre, see below request from playwright, actor, director Danny Damiano - if you can help out on this theatre project, "The World is My Cheesecake" it is sure to be a terrific investment.  Danny and his wife are truly King and Queen Midas - whatever they touch does indeed turn to pure gold.

        (Good luck, Danny!)


Here are the details of Danny's project:

Hey, Friends  

As some of you may know, my beloved wife and I (fandango 4 productions) and my talented partner Paula D'Alessandris (Mind The Gap Theatre Company) are gleefully producing a 2-week run of 7 of my short plays in September, under the umbrella title THE WORLD IS MY CHEESECAKE: 7 Short Plays of Memory, Loss, Memory Loss, Love, Fate, Death & Marriage.   

This will be a very ambitious 10-show run, consisting of a dozen actors, 3 directors, not to mention a small crew (Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Publicity person, et al.) 

On the creative side, between the quality of plays, actors & directors,  this looks to be an unforgettable multi-course evening of funny, moving, unsettling and thought-provoking theatre at its most delicious! 

On the financial side, we need some help!  We have started a fundraising campaign to not obtain our entire budget, but a portion ($1,000) which will greatly help us in our goal of creating the special production that we intend this to be.  So that being said, please feel free to go to our campaign page below.  You can give anywhere from $10 and UP.  We have some perks for your donations, but if you choose to just give money and not receive a perk, you can simply select "No Perk, just a contribution". And remember, ALL donations are tax deductible!!! 

By the way, we'd also LOVE for you to see our show.  For info, show dates, photos, etc, go to and click "Follow".


Thank you sooooo much for your indulgence and support!   Even your time to just read this spiel is much appreciated.  :^)

 Be well,





Tuesday, June 28, 2011

  • Shooting begins Thursday, July 7th on short film, "Region of Unlikeness" directed by Wendy Cheng - looking forward to playing the "Mother" in this film.  Late night shoots at a Hungarian Cafe on the upper west side - looking forward to this project - very professional folks working on this one.  (Summer is a great time of year to shoot movies :)


  • A belated farewell to the magnificent Peter about an "original".  I will really miss him.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

  • The first day of summer and I just returned from the week-long 2011 Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska.  There are really no adequate words to describe this magnificent place and this unforgettable theatre experience.  7 days of nothing but great theatre, artistic vision, creativity and the exchange of ideas -- in a spectacular setting surrounded by mountains.  From the Monologue Workshop taught by Frank Collison and Laura Gardner to the esteemed Play Lab panelists: Y York, Danielle Dresden, Kia Corthron, Mark Lutwak, Dawson Moore, Marshall Mason and many others to the evening productions on the Main Stage,  it is an incredible week of theatre that no one who participates will forget.   I had the good fortune to read the role of "Alice Clark" in "At Home with the Clarks" by Rand Higbee and the role of "Ella Cartwright" in "The Unseen Characters of Tennessee Williams" by Judd Lear Silverman.  When it comes to playwriting, these two gentlemen are at the top of their game.  I heard and read plays at all levels from the earliest stages of development to "ready for production."  The degree of playwriting and acting talent that exists out there from all over the country is exhilarating.  Check out the photo gallery to see a few photos from the trip if you get a chance.   Eternal thanks to Dawson Moore for putting this conference together for the 19th year in a row.  There is simply nothing like it.  I feel like the luckiest person on earth to have the good fortune to take this trip again this year.


  • Lots of good stuff ahead in the next couple of weeks.  Tennessee Williams callback tonight AND an agent interview after that.  After the 4th of July, we start shooting the short film, "Region of Unlikeness" directed by Wendy Cheng (role of "Mom") - can't wait to get to work on that!


  • Finally, a tribute today on the loss of the great saxophonist, "The Big Man" Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.  Clarence passed away this past weekend after a stroke.  My heart hurts every time I think of the loss of this amazing musician.  What a loss to the music world and to all of us who treasured this beloved man.  Rest in peace, Clarence.  We will never forget you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

  • I am submitting like a maniac to casting calls the past couple of weeks, so all my joints are  Best call this week: request to audition for the role of "Miss Foxhill" in the Whitehorse Theater's production of Tennessee Williams' "Suddenly Last Summer."  Great play - very excited to show them my stuff...stay tuned...


  • The countdown is on - just 1 week until I leave for the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska again.  Can't wait!  So many talented playwrights, directors, actors in one place - it is heaven.  I am also delighted to be reading the role of "Alice Clark" in Rand Higbee's reading of his play "At Home With the Clarks."  Rand writes hysterical plays and this role is a riot.  Lots of good stuff ahead...the sun is shining in my world today.  I hope it is the same in yours :)


  • Lastly, I wanted to tell you about another great opportunity to see some terrific theatre while supporting the cause of human rights.  Playwright (Mike Poblete) and Director (Jessica Creane) of the new play "Antenora" have invited Amnesty International to table with our petitions at performances at the Robert Moss Theater (440 Lafayette St @ Astor Place) during the Planet Connections Festival.  We are very grateful to these folks for supporting Amnesty work and for producing plays like this one that are so critical in educating people about human rights and the courageous prisoners of conscience around the world that we are trying to get released.   Below is the link for "Antenora" tickets if you are able to make it (I love it when Amnesty and theatre combine in these types of events.)   Many, many thanks to Mike and Jessica for their support!

     Here is the link for tickets:

  • (To the "Antenora" Cast: Break a leg!!) 


Thursday, May 26, 2011

  • A great week in my acting world if only in terms of the wealth of valuable career insights  I received - FOR FREE.  I think I learned more about the business in this week than I've learned in the past five years or more.  I go to lots of industry seminars about the business and at each one I invariably get at least one piece of information I can really use that I have not heard before.  Having done this for so many years, much of it is useful but often a repetition of information I've heard or information that contradicts other information I've received, which leaves me completely confused.  


This week I had the pleasure of listening to some terrific career advice from two excellent industry professionals who gave it to us straight:


  • First, I heard Brian O'Neill talk about business strategies at an AFTRA "After Work Seminar" on on Tuesday night.  Brian wrote the book "Acting as a Business: Stragies for Success."  You can order the book here: -- money well-spent.  The exciting thing about Brian O'Neill is that he gave us a list of tangible, specific actions we can take on our own to get into auditions, get work and market ourselves in ways that you don't often hear.   (For example, he recommended that actors submit themselves to the most reputable theaters and offer to participate in free readings - a fantastic network opportunity, even if it's just reading stage directions.)  Many thanks to Brian for opening up a big door in my mind so a lot of new ideas came rushing through.  Great stuff.


  • Then, last night I went to a free seminar at Reproductions on "De-Mystifying the Unions" and man, did the class live up to its name.  Lisa Gold's information was very clear and EXACTLY what I needed to know to move forward in making decisions about submitting for roles and making decisions about union membership.  If last night is any indication of what she has to offer, I expect I will be taking one of her (low-cost) seminars very soon.  You can check out her website: for more information.   She is a walking gold-mine of valuable information for actors.  Thanks, Lisa!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

  • Off to another Acting Business Seminar next week.  This one is at Reproductions: "The Unions De-Mystified" taught by Lisa Gold.  I have heard that Lisa Gold is excellent and I may be able to get information on joining SAG, so this seminar may be a god-send in getting the straight dope on SAG (and Equity and AFTRA too).  All this free information...the universe is smiling on me this month :)


  • More GREAT news today (looking at the much bigger picture, it actually doesn't even compare to the news above when I think about it).  Burma prisoner of conscience, Zayar Thaw (hip hop singer and Generation Wave leader) was released yesterday!!!!  He had been sentenced to four years in prison for expressing free speech urging democracy in Burma.  We have had the Amnesty International petition for his release out for several of the past month's tablings. 46 other POC's were also released in Burma yesterday.  So many courageous prisoners of conscience (over 2,000) are still imprisoned in Burma alone, but many, many thanks to all the Amnesty activists who put out petitions and sent letters for Zayar Thaw's release.  It is such good news!

     And the beat goes on....stay well out there and have a great weekend, everybody.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

  • The AFTRA Commercial Seminar taught by freelance Casting Director, Nadette Stasa was fantastic!  I learned a great deal about how to identify my commercial type, tips on casting websites to join and the importance of watching videos of myself on camera frequently to get a sense of what casting directors see when casting.  I was impressed by the very informative insights Nadette had to offer.  For information on her commercial classes, her website is:


  • Per Nadette's advice I also joined Casting Networks today for breakdowns.  She told the class that Casting Networks is the website she uses the most in casting (along with Actors Access).


  • I also signed up for another free "AFTRA After Work" Seminar next Tuesday, 5/24 that I expect will be excellent:

"Acting as a Business - Strategies for Success."
with Brian O'Neil

  • For AFTRA members I highly recommend the "After Work Free Seminars."  The information provided at these seminars is invaluable to any actor working to move ahead in this business.  Many, many thanks to AFTRA for providing this phenomenal service for its members.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

  • Tonight I am off to an AFTRA seminar with Freelance Commercial Casting Director, Nadette Stasa on "commercial types" and the trend toward "real people casting."  It should be very interesting and informative.  I am excited to hear what Nadette has to say as I think the commercial landscape has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years.


  • I am also looking forward to a Staged Reading audition this Thursday evening for "The Awakening" at Theaterlab on 14th Street.  The synopsis is intriguing - can't wait to read the sides :)

Kudos to the Director/Producers/Cast of "The Declaration":

  • Finally, a big shout-out and congratulations today to Chris & Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson and their cast for the upcoming June production of  "The Declaration."   I auditioned for this one and LOVED the sides.  I have a feeling this one is a real winner, so if you're up for some great theatre, here are the details:

Written and Directed by Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson
Stage Managed by Alicia Parendo
Production Design by Chris Leidenfrost-Wilson and
Caiti Maloney
Lighting Design by Yuriy Nayer
performing at
The Robert Moss Theatre
440 Lafayette Street,  3rd Floor
New York, NY  10003

between Astor Place and 4th St. and across the street from The Public Theater.
Conveniently located near the N, R, W, and 6 trains.

WED. JUNE 1 -  6:30pm
MON. JUNE 6 - 6:30pm*
SUN. JUNE 12 - 8:00pm
SUN. JUNE 19 - 5:45pm*
SAT. JUNE 25 - 8:00pm
SUN. JUNE 26 - 1:00pm

All Tickets $18.00
available now at:

or by calling



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This week I drew my ticket for the Open Door Lottery at AFTRA.  If an actor's number is chosen, that means an appointment with an agent or casting director.  Keep your fingers crossed :)

A Plug for Another Multi-talented Artist:

  • The fabulous NISHI RAJAN is debuting her brand new dance single, "Release Me" in Washington, D.C. this weekend. (I am so thrilled about this news!)  If you plan to be in the DC area on Saturday, May 14th, here are the details:

        When: May 14, 2011
        Time: 9:00 pm - 3:00 a.m.
        Where: Washington, DC

        I'Lounge, The Indian Experience, 1708 L Street NW,Washington, DC

Facebook: &

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Casting News:

  • I can't believe I forgot to mention this in my previous update!  I am very excited to have been cast as the "Mother" in the upcoming low-budget short film, "Region of Unlikeness" directed by WENDY CHENG.  Shooting is expected to begin this summer and I'm delighted to be on board!


  • Another chance to sign petitions for human rights: if you happen to be passing through Grand Central Station on Thursday, 5/12 between 7:00PM and 9:00PM (near the 4, 5, 6 train escalators), please stop by and sign one of our human rights petitions for Amnesty International. Every signature makes a huge difference for the courageous prisoners of conscience that need our help around the world.

A few quick plugs for my theatre/music friends:

  • The incomparable actor and playwright, DANNY DAMIANO has a few wonderful projects coming up in May and June.  Danny's plays are GEMS.


  • On 5/12, Danny will be opening in a wonderful production of Neil Simon's Laughter on the 23rd Floor at the Schoolhouse Theater in Croton Falls, NY.  Danny will play the plum role of Ira Stone, the hypochondriac writer (loosely-based on Mel Brooks.)  The run will be from May 12th through June 5th.  The theatre is a little over an hour out of the city via Metro North, and the theatre is very close to the train station. It is a terrific cast, and it's directed by the lively and talented Pamela Moller Kareman. Link for tickets:
  • Secondly, Danny's play The Dishonorable Discharge of Private Pitts will receive 2 Free concert readings at the WorkShop Theater (312 West 36th St., 4th Fl) on May 17th & 18th @ 8pm, directed by one of Danny's favorite partners-in-crime, Kathy Gail MacGowan.  The readings is FREE, but RSVP'ing is strongly recommended.  To RSVP call: 212-695-4137 x 6 or go to the link:
  • Lastly, on May 16th, Danny will be appearing in an invitation-only reading of Neal Freeman's A Letter from Bataan, sponsored by the Drama League Directors Project, and also starring Maria Dizzia, William Connell, John Blaylock, David Patrick Kelly & Stephen Tyrone Williams, among others.

For all up-to-date info on what Danny has going on, please feel free to visit his blog at

  • Check out the WONDERFUL actress KATHLEEN BODDINGTON in her new show All Through the Night at the Producers Club (written by the fabulous CHRISTOPHER ROMERO).  Here is the link to purchase tickets:  Seriously, a show with Kathleen in it is not to be missed.


  • If you happen to be near Havre de Grace, Maryland this weekend (5/7-9), drop by the Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival.  The amazing GREG ALEXANDER will be performing at the Festival on Saturday night, May 7th.  Here is the link for schedule and tickets:  Going to the SMAF is one of the highlights of my year - warm, friendly folks and awesome music outdoors - ya can't beat it.


  • Lastly, if you're in the mood for some great theatre, be sure and check out the stage debut  of CLARK LOEFFLER in Gay Rodeo By-Laws (details below).  Clark is the other half of ANNALISA LOEFFLER, who ranks at the very top of my list of favorite actresses. 

Gay Rodeo By-Laws at The Vaults: 

  • Dates and Times
    Saturday, May 21, 2PM (followed by a Q&A with GRBL creators moderated by director/writer/actress and Monk Parrots Board Member Nicole Potter-Talling)
    Sunday, May 22, 7PM
    The Vaults at 14 Wall Street
    (elevators to Level B and follow the signage)
    2/3 to Wall Street (then walk 2 blocks west)
    J/Z to Broad Street (then walk 1 block north and 1 block west)
    4/5/A/C to Fulton Street (then walk approx. 6 blocks south to Wall)
    This event is FREE and open to the public.
    RSVP is required:

On a personal note, sending many peaceful and compassionate thoughts out to all the families and friends of victims of 9/11 on hearing the emotional news that Osama bin Laden is now gone from this world.  I can't imagine the emotional impact of this news on those most intimately affected by the events of 9/11.  I can only hope somehow we can move closer each day toward a world of justice and peace, free of horror and violence.  My thoughts are with all the courageous people out there who keep fighting the good fight by choosing tolerance and kindness over hatred.


Stay well out there, everybody. 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My first "blog" entry on my new website (I'm gettng tingly...)  Here is the current scoop from my small (but never boring) universe:

  • Definitely no complaints in my world today. Got TWO callback auditions for the Page to Stage Festival with the Pulse Ensemble Theatre - one for tonight and one for tomorrow night.  Looking forward to both.  I auditioned for 8 directors and 8 playwrights on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  What a blast having such a big audience to perform my monologues.  My excitement paid off with not one, but two callbacks (go figure), so my fingers are crossed.
  • I am off to Valdez, Alaska in June again (for the third year) for the Last Frontier Theatre Conference (LFTC).  I have gone in the past wearing both my playwright and actor hats.  This year I"m going as an actor.  While it's true that the ridiculous ex-Governor who shall remain nameless calls Alaska her home, it is a magnificent place to be nevertheless.  The LFTC is a week-long immersion in playwriting, theatre, acting and art, art and more art.  It is truly the highlight of my year to spend an entire week among such amazing and talented theatre folks.   Also looking forward to the premiere of "The Lightning Bug,"  a terrific new play by my good friend, playwright Rand Higbee.   Of all the great things I can say about Rand, the best of all is that man can he make me laugh.  Alaska, here I come....stay tuned for some great photos in July....


  • In my non-theatre world, I am participating in the 2011 NAMI Walk again this year on Saturday, May 7th in lower Manhattan (NAMI = National Alliance for the Mentally Ill).  The Walk is held annually to raise money for research and increase awareness about mental illness...a cause very close to my heart.  If you would like to support my Walk with a donation, you can go to my personal fundraising page: 
    If you are able to help with a donation, I am deeply grateful.  If  you are not able to donate (which I totally get), please feel free to pass on this link or post on Facebook, etc.   It's hard enough to stay mentally healthy in this chaotic world.  If you are one of the lucky ones who are able to hold it together every day even by the skin of your teeth, please do what you can for those who are not as fortunate.   If you are reading this, I wish you much, much health in your mind, body and soul.
  • Last, but definitely not least, if you happen to be passing through Grand Central Station this Thursday, 4/28 between 7:00PM and 9:00PM, please feel free to stop by and sign one of our human rights petitions for Amnesty International.  (The table is set up at the top of the escalators near the 4, 5, 6 subway lines).  We ask for your signature only (no money) on petitions for various prisoners of conscience around the world who have been locked up for having the courage to express their freedom of speech in countries where this is a crime that meets with life imprisonment or death.   These courageous individuals desperately need and deserve our help.  If you hear me shouting through Grand Central "please sign a petition for human rights," please stop at the table and sign.  Danke, cpaciba, merci, gracias and deep, deep thanks....







YES, the photo below is indeed me (and my dear friend Glenn Last) with THE LEGENDARY BONNIE RAITT!  We went to a private concert a few weeks ago and each of us got to meet Bonnie in person - the thrill of a lifetime!  Life can be so sweet sometimes.  Thank you Bonnie for the gift of music and the gift of humanity that you bring to this chaotic world.  You are hands-down, no-holds-barred, one in a MILLION.