Cinda's Past Shows (a sampling)

                    The Play Festivals

As you can see throughout this website, I have been extraordinarily fortunate in my career to meet actors, playwrights, directors and producers who possess not only remarkable creativity, but artistic and personal integrity that is truly phenomenal.  This was particularly true during my participation in The Play Festivals.

Two powerful examples of the caliber of the artists I got to work with are Jonathan Wallace and Meri Wallace, two playwrights I met in 2007 at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska.  Having had the privilege to bring so many of the characters in Jonathan and Meri's plays to life has provided me with some of my most cherished acting memories.

It is difficult for me to do justice to these two incredible individuals in words.  The generosity of their spirits as human beings and the depth of their creativity as artists, are not qualities that I encounter often in my life.  As playwrights, their work is top-notch and I was exceedingly lucky to be cast in many of their play festivals, including: the Accidental Angels Festival, the Play Plays Festival and the Arcs and Triumphs Festival.  In addition, Jonathan and Meri have written many full-length plays that truly stand above the rest.   It is with tremendous gratitude and pride, that I include Jonathan and Meri among my friends and artistic colleagues.

 Links to Playwrights, Jonathan Wallace & Meri Wallace:

   Howling Moon Cab Company

   Meri Wallace, Author & Therapist


Accidental Angels Festival 

Accidental Angels Festival Flyer.pdf Accidental Angels Festival Flyer.pdf
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Photos Below: 

Cinda as "Celestine" in "Big-Eyed Child of My Misfortune" written by Jonathan Wallace and directed by Michael Roderick - Accidental Angels Festival/Howling Moon Cab Company

(with Erinn Holmes, Maureen Griffin, Elisa Abatsis & Sam Payne)

Arcs and Triumphs Play Festival 

Arcs and Triumphs Play Festival Flyer.pdf Arcs and Triumphs Play Festival Flyer.pdf
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The Play Plays Festival

The Play Plays Festival.pdf The Play Plays Festival.pdf
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