Cinda's Photo Gallery

 Above: my pal Pembleton

 Above: four of my treasured nephew and nieces - Christian, Mary Kate, Randyll and Shannon


Above: Tom, Sasha, Me and Dominika in Wroclaw Poland July 2015

Above are my beloved friends Dominika and Tom on Halloween 2015 

Directly below is my awesome nephew, Christian (now 17) who visits me often.

When it comes to my nieces and nephews, I am the ULTIMATE proud aunt!! 

They are all treasures through and through. 

 Above: my beautiful nieces Mary Kate and Shannon, Halloween 2015

See #13 in the front row on the end below...that's Christian with his Freshman football team,

the Ipswich Tigers.  No aunt was ever prouder than yours truly.  

If you knew him you'd understand why. He never gives up.

On the football field, the basketball court, the classroom and beyond he always does his best.

 Below is a photo from the production "The Standard Upgrade" (written by Howard Leader & Angie Montgomery) 

at Theater for the New City in which I played the role of breast cancer patient, Beryl Bittman (with fabulous actor,

Cory Shoemaker (Jake Bittman)

 The two publicity photos below are from the terrific play, "Unforgettable Summer" by Cynthia Waite that was performed @ Symphony Space.

See below photos of me playing the role of "Head Nurse" in the play "1952" at the Manhattan Repertory Theater (November 2011)

Photo of my beautiful niece, Mary Kate (above) & my other treasure, Shannon (below)

Yes, the photo above really IS me with the legendary, Joe Frazier (the surprises life can bring...)

Cinda with niece Shannon


Yes!! My friend Glenn and I with Bonnie Raitt!!!

 My second family : The Tabers with my dear Greg on Thanksgiving.

Directly below are set photos from the film, "Region of Unlikeness" directed by Wendy Cheng. (I played the role of the Mother circa 1940)  - shot at a Hungarian Pastry Shop on the Upper West Side (August 2011). (Yup, I do look tired, don't I?  We shot the scenes at 4:00 a.m....:)

Cinda as Celestine in Big Eyed Child of My Misfortune

Me & Papa (my dad) - above


My treasured friends from my Amnesty International group with the monks from Burma... an incredible experience learning their story.


Below:  Me and Gramma Toomey... forever and ever the light of my life


Below:  Valdez, Alaska... one of the great adventures of my life