The Low-Down on Cinda


 The Low-Down on Cinda                                        

Welcome to my website!  

If you have a few extra minutes to kill, read on for the low-down on me.  

When thinking about how to best describe myself on this site, I owe a debt of gratitude to one particular friend and colleague, whose heart and intellect I simply adore -- Mr. Michael Schumer.   

In conversations with Michael, he gave me the words I was searching for:  

"I am familial, not transactional."

Thank you, Michael.  Your words say it best...when it comes to my own behavior, values and approach to life, I face the question each day of how to balance the needs of the "I" (the transactional) with the needs of the "Us" (the familial), i.e. how does the individual behavior affect the whole?  

On a good day, I hope I come close to finding the correct balance, and I hope each day that each of us may somehow find this balance today and in the totality of our lives in this universe.  

It is a monumental challenge and we will often fail, but keeping "the familial vs. the transactional" at the forefront of our minds each day -- I think this cannot be a bad thing....and I admit that the contemplation of it does bring me a bit of hope.

And SO, having said all that, onward I go to more about ME (hahaha):

I am a classically trained veteran stage and film actress and a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.  My proudest accomplishment in my career is the creation and performance of the original one person show, "Don't Get Me Wrong," which I performed at the Producers Club and am currently updating for another run.   On both stage and screen I have had a blast playing frustrated housewives, businesswomen, alcoholics, hippy chicks, socialites and, my personal favorite, a suicidal accordion player.  Having built up a strong resume, I am now seeking representation to help me move to the next level in my acting career.

As a person I would describe myself as someone who often finds herself grasping for the right words to describe herself.  I am definitely a work in progress.  A few traits I have that I don't expect to change much are a rocking sense of humor, an independent spirit, a powerful curiosity about the world, a hatred of meanness in any form, and gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude that I had the unbelievable good fortune of being born onto this rock.  (I also love black olives, any kind of pie, Sinclair Lewis' "Babbit", and Marge Simpson, but I'll save that for my personal ad.)   I have a ton of fun in whatever project I am involved with and a very strong work ethic.  I place a very high priority on absolute commitment and professionalism.


The three greatest passions in my life (in addition to performing) are  working as volunteer with Amnesty International Group 9/280 in New York City (you may have seen me tabling for Burma at Grand Central - I am the one shouting with my theatre voice asking harried commuters to please stop and sign petitions for human rights); talking about all we don't know about the universe with my fellow team members at Paranormal Investigations of New York City (I am also a Life and Career Coach and Reiki healer); and going to endless rock, blues and folk concerts -- in the past year and a half: Ozzy Osbourne, Greg Alexander, Joe Walsh, Martin Sexton, Patti Griffin, Dave Matthews, Jeff Beck, Blue Oyster Cult, Mose Allison, John Hiatt, Kathy Mattea, Black Crowes, Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule, Shawn Colvin/Buddy Miller/Emmy Lou Harris, and on and on and on. (If I can get tickets to Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band when he comes to NYC this year my life will be complete...)


No two ways about it, though... my #1 passion: art.  Performing and art bring me JOY (which is way more fun than mere happiness by the way.)  No matter what challenges life brings me, I learned awhile back that I can fall back on music and art...for the rest of my life.   In my life I have experienced black holes, supernovas and everything in between and it is hands-down music and art that pulled me from the edge every time. 


Each new acting role allows me  another opportunity to develop my focus, stay grounded, dig deep and bring out the emotional and spiritual sides of the infinite number of characters inside me.


If you have a role that you think might be suitable for me, it would be my pleasure to audition for you.   As you can see from my photo gallery, I love to smile when it is called for (which in my life is fortunately often), but the smile is only a small part of the story. Whatever you've got, I am up to the task.  Please contact me if you think you might be interested in working together.   


If you took the time to read all that, do have a lot of time to kill...and I thank you for that.  Stay well out there and thanks again for stopping by.   



    "I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened."


Mark Twain

 Cinda‚Äôs Stats (this week):

  • Home Planet                                          Massachusetts
  • Home Neighborhood                             Lower Manhattan
  • Day Job                                                          Executive Assistant @ non-profit

  • Favorite Non-Fiction                                   Emotional Genius by Karla McLaren

  • Favorite Fiction                                           

  • Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis

  • Favorite Play                                               

  • Wit by Margaret Edson

  • Favorite Playwrights                        

  • Danny Damiano, Rand Higbee, Jon Wallace & Meri Wallace

  • Favorite Movies                               

  • Baghdad Cafe and The Great Escape

  • Favorite TV Show                            

  • Supernatural / Years & Years

  • Favorite Actress                              

  • Frances McDormand

  • Favorite Actors                                

  • Gene Hackman and Steve McQueen

  • Favorite Songwriters                        

  • John Hiatt, Greg Alexander and Mose Allison

  • Favorite Rock Guitarists                   

  • Jeff Beck and Leslie West

  • Favorite Blues Guitarists                  

  • Buddy Guy, Robert Cray & Hubert Sumlin

  • Favorite Rock Bands                        
  • Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger, Pink Floyd & Steppenwolf
  • Favorite Comedians:                        
  • Larry Wilmore, Tim Conway & Chris Rock
  • Heroes                                            
  • Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers, Harry Belafonte & Jon Stewart
  • Favorite Songs 
  • Life by Ian Hunter
  • Beautiful Loser by Bob Seger
  • Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynrd                                

  • Favorite Foods                                 
  • Pie and black olives
  • Least Favorite Foods                        
  • Lima beans and celery
  • Favorite Sport                                  
  • Football
  • Worst Fears                                      
  • Technology replacing human connection
  • Being lied to
  • Losing my independence                                                    
  • Favorite Words                                 
  • How are you? (and when the listening follows the question)
  • Most valued human traits                    
  • Courage, kindness, sense of humor and good listening skills
  • What hurts me the most                     
  • Feeling ignored
  • What pleases me the most                 
  • People rising to and/or surpassing their potential
  • Most surprising personal trait              
  • Appreciation of heavy metal music
  • Most positive personal trait                
  • Empathy
  • Most negative personal trait               
  • Pride
  • Best decision                                   
  • To become an actor
  • Biggest disappointment                     
  • President Obama's failure to close Guantanamo Bay
  • Biggest dream for myself                   
  • To be a full-time working actor
  • Biggest dream for those I love            
  • Mental health and independence
  • Biggest dream for the U.S.                 
  • Universal healthcare and end to homelessness
  • Biggest dream for the world                
  • Universal tolerance and human rights & stopping Climate Change
  • Proudest moment                              
  • One person show, "Don't Get Me Wrong"
  • Happiest moment                              
  • The day I learned to ride a bicycle
  • Biggest unanswerable question           
  • Destiny vs. Free Will?
  • Saddest moment                                
  • Hearing Congo woman talk about never-ending rape & war 
  • Most embarassing moment                 
  • My umbrella stuck in a tree with a cute guy (don't ask)
  • Biggest pet peeve                             
  • Subway riders who lean their entire back against the pole
  • Most frequent ethical dilemma             
  • When to speak vs. when not to speak