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Two Spoons Theatre Company 

A few years ago, I had the amazing good fortune to meet the extraordinarily gifted actor/playwright/director, Brandon Kalbaugh (a.k.a. Mel Grovero).  In 2002, Brandon and I began working on a number of projects together under the name "Mel Grovero/Acting on Principle Productions" (including my one person show, "Don't Get Me Wrong" and a play for the Midtown International Theatre Festival).  In 2004, our efforts culminated in the creation of the Two Spoons Theatre Company.  People would often ask  us, '"why 'two spoons'?". 

It would always give me real pleasure to provide them with this answer:  the term "two spoons" originated from a song I had heard written by the talented singer/songwriter Amy Fix, called "You Are My Spoon". (Scroll to the bottom of this page to listen to the song.)  It is in essence, a love song, with the wonderful lyrics, "in a world of forks and knives, you are a spoon."  I thought about these lyrics for a long time and realized that my whole life, personally and professionally, this is what I had been searching for: spoons...people I could be with, interact with, and work with honestly, safely and creatively.   In a world of forks and knives, I am continually on a search for spoons. 

Brandon (very much a spoon himself) suggested that we name our theatre company, the "Two Spoons Theatre Company".  Our vision was to create a bold, safe and artistic environment where actors, writers and directors could work creatively without fear of psychological or emotional harm.   A few of the most successful productions of the Two Spoons Theatre Company were "Have You Seen This Man?," the comedy sketch show, "Laugh, I Said Laugh," (both written and directed by Brandon Kalbaugh) and the extraordinary "Teaspoon Play Festival," in which we had the great privilege of working with dozens of playwrights, actors and directors in a week long festival of short plays. 


While the Two Spoons Theatre Company came to its natural end a couple of years ago as Brandon and I moved on to other adventures, the theatre productions and opportunities for personal and artistic growth that manifested during that period of my life will forever remain among my proudest moments.  For this I extend to Brandon Kalbaugh (and Mel Grovero) my deepest thanks.

For all of you out there, I wish you only this:

          In a world of forks and knives, may you encounter only spoons...


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